The Robes

Robes come in 5 sizes: Large, Medium, Teen, Child and Infant. Our adult robes also have the option of having our logo embroidered.

The materials used to make our robes are free from harmful chemical levels. Produced in factories committed to sustainable environmental practices, with socially responsible working conditions and using Hohenstein Institute OEKO-TEX® guidelines.

High quality, heavy duty beach robes. Far superior for drying than the light polyester ones sold in surf shops.

Available in a range of colours

Infant - $49.99

Size: 60 W x 60 L (cm)

Child - $69.99

Size: 65 W x 76 L (cm)

Teen - $79.99

Size: 65 W x 92 L (cm)

Medium - $89.99

550 to 600 gsm
Size: 75-80 W x 107 L (cm)

Large - $99.99

550 - 600 or 700 gsm
Size: 90 W x 107 L (cm)