About Kakahu Wai

The story behind the robe.

Gisborne | New Zealand

My son sent me a robe from Australia for a birthday present a few years ago Made in China with a Ripcurl logo. I thought it was a great idea, but used terrible material, polyester, thin, didn't dry you at all, and attracted grass seeds like Velcro!

I thought NZ could do better.

I asked a dressmaker to make up one from some towels which I then wore at a Waka Ama race event I was in. A lot of paddlers were really interested.

I took a gamble & invested in 50 heavy duty 600gsm towels. I then managed to find and contract a retired seamstress to help me make them. I designed a logo and found a printer who had a heat press machine.

Nek Minit "Kakahu Wai Water Clothing" was launched.

High quality, heavy duty beach robes.

Far superior for drying than the light polyester ones sold in surf shops. All sizes are as accurate as I can get as each one is individually made right here in sunny Gisborne. Medium and Large robes are 550 to 600 gsm - (weight of toweling).

Infant - $49.99

Size: 60 W x 60 L (cm)

Child - $69.99

Size: 65 W x 76 L (cm)

Teen - $79.99

Size: 65 W x 92 L (cm)

Medium - $89.99

550 to 600 gsm
Size: 75-80 W x 107 L (cm)

Large - $99.99

550 - 600 or 700 gsm
Size: 90 W x 107 L (cm)